9 weeks left to the PSLE Oral 2015. Earlier still for the Preliminary Oral testing in many schools. Yup, time flies. Tomorrow will be the last day of the June workshops that I have been conducting. I sincerely hope that for those students who have attended the workshops, it has been beneficial to them.

Many (including myself) are wondering what type of stimulus based conversations will come out over the 2 days of Oral testing. Many (including myself!!) are hoping that the examiners will be kind and give a picture that has enough information to guide them through the questions and a theme that they can relate to.

In my June workshop I tried to have a mix of both. I gave themes that students were aware of but must have precise knowledge of certain events. I also asked them thought provoking questions that they had to answer on the spot.

PSLE Oral themes and questions

Oral 1. Theme: Mobile Phone

Picture: An advertisement of a new mobile phone and its features

1) Would you buy this phone?
2) Do you think that a mobile phone is a necessity at your age?
3) What are the negative effects of the prolonged use of a smart phone?

Oral 2. Theme: A Sale

Picture: An advertisement on the Spotlight sale
(I chose this in particular to see how students manage a theme that they may not be interested in)

1) Would you go for this sale?
2) What items do you usually look out for when there is a sale?
3) Tell me about an interesting sale you have been to.

Oral 3. Theme: A Comedy Musical/Singapore

Picture: An advertisement for the comedy musical The Story of Singapore by the Dim Sum Dollies

1) Would you watch this comedy musical?
2) How do you plan to spend National Day this year during SG50?
3) Do you think that Singapore is a gracious society?

Oral 4. Theme: School (quite a common theme)

1) What do you like and dislike about your school?
2) What is your favourite subject?
3) What do you hope to be when you grow up?

I was glad to see that many students were able to express their opinions quite well. What was lacking was how they could answer a question with a no and continue the conversation. Also general knowledge on what is happening eg SG50 or facts about the dangers of mobile phones. So its good to read up on current events in Singapore now.

Get ready for the PSLE!

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