We are hard at work preparing for the upcoming CA1 for the P6 classes. However, I have also started preparing for the start of English Oral testing for my P6 students. At Thinking Factory, this usually begins at the start of March and continues all the way till the PSLE oral. This will give students ample 1-1 practice and expose them to a number of topics.

For Term 3 at Thinking Factory and also during the March holiday Writing & Oral Workshop, I will be using the 2018 Preliminary themes that were given to my 2018 P6 students. For those who are new to my blog, every year, my students kindly write down what they were tested on in each Oral and Composition examination in their schools.

These lists are then compiled, shared and used for the future generations that pass through Thinking Factory.

So, thank you to my generous students for sharing their knowledge ๐Ÿ™‚

This oral theme was given on one of the Preliminary days for M.G.S in 2018. I have structured the model answers by Reasons, Personal Experiences, Opinions and Conclusion. I chose to add in conclusion as some of my students can handle a conversation well but suddenly freeze into an uncomfortable silence at the end.

I hope that this will help kick off oral revision with your P6 child.

Dance R Us presents Our First Hip Hop Dance Class

PSLE Stimulus-based Conversation Dance class model illustration

Ready to have some fun exercising?

Take a break from your studies and move and groove to cool, funky music for an hour once a week. Our new dance studios are brightly lit with spring flooring that are conducive for a good dance class.

Hip hop dance classes are conducted by our Korean hip hop instructor, Jin Hun, who has worn many dance competitions in Seoul and Singapore!

A course of 12 lessons is $480

We have hip hop classes for all ages!

Every Saturday

5-8 years old 11am-12pm

9-11 years old 12pm-1pm

12 – 15 years old 1pm-2pm

Call us at 633498 for more information or locate us at Takashimaya #12-04

Question 1: Would you sign up for this class?

Yes, I would.

Reason 1 & Personal experience

Even though I have never danced hip hop, I used to dance ballet when I was younger. I gave that up as I stopped enjoying the lessons. I have been looking for another type of dance class ever since and maybe hip hop is what I am looking for!

Reason 2 & Personal experience

My mother has also been nagging me to exercise more. Since I gave up ballet, I have not taken up another sport. As this is my PSLE year, I spend a lot of time seated and studying or doing homework and practice worksheets. I feel more lethargic as I don’t go out much except to school and tuition classes. The hip hop classes are just for an hour once a week and it is on a Saturday. The class for the 12-15 year olds are at 1pm and I would have already completed my tuition lessons.


This can be a good way for me to get some exercise and relieve stress. It won’t take much of my time.

Reason 3

Plus, I have the k-pop craze so I would love to learn from a korean hip hop teacher who has won many competitions!

Reason 4 & Personal experience

The Dance R Us studio is also located in Takashimaya which is in Orchard Road. I am sure that my mum will enjoy time shopping while I have my dance class!


So yes, I will sign up for this class.   

Question 2: Do you think that this poster would attract people?

Opinion & Reason 1

Yes, I think it will. There is a coloured picture of the dance studio that shows that it is brightly-lit with new flooring. I think this will attract students as the studio looks appealing. I think that having a good studio to dance in is important for dancers.

Personal experience

I used to have ballet in a school that was renting a studio and the studio was old and the floors were worn out. It was difficult for us to dance on the floors and we disliked the dark and dingy studio.

Reason 2

The dancers are all in their hip hop attire and look like they are having fun in class. I think many girls who are thinking of trying out hip hop classes would be attracted to this image.

Reason 3

I think the poster also explains clearly when and where the classes are and who the teacher is. Many Singaporeans are fans of all things Korean and having a Korean hip hop teacher who is an expert can be a big draw to students.


However, hip hop is also for boys and in the picture there are only girls dancing in class. This may not attract boys who want to dance hip hop. The poster also only advertises one type of dance class. There may be other dance classes at different timings at Dance R Us that may appeal to other children and teenagers.


Personally, I find this poster attractive and would like to find out more about Dance R Us and this hip hop class.
What is your CCA?

Reason & Personal experience

I do not have a CCA anymore. I used to be in the chess club for a few years but this year I decided to stop my CCA as I prefer to spend the time revising for my upcoming examinations.

Opinion & Personal experience

I enjoyed being in the chess club. I learnt a lot and feel that chess is an excellent way to train your mind and patience. I participated in a few competitions, including competitions in Malaysia and Thailand. I won a few competitions and felt very happy. The experience of playing against an opponent whom you do not know, is worth entering a chess competition. It takes focus and perseverance to win against someone in a chess match.

Reason & Opinion

While I enjoy playing chess, I feel that I am not the best at it. I lost more competitions than I won. So, I decided this year to take a break. I still do play chess on the computer. I find that more relaxing than in a real chess match.  There is no pressure to win and no one to scold you if you make a mistake and lose a match.


So, this year I do not have a CCA.

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