Usually, by mid-May my students would be done with the oral component for their SA1. The rest of the levels would then have a break before they re-start oral testing in September for their SA2. The P6s would still continue on with oral as they prepare for their Preliminary and PSLE Oral examinations.

However, these are exceptional times and we need to accept the changes. At the same time, we still need to find the best ways to overcome the challenges at hand, especially for those taking their PSLE this year.

The oral component is one such challenge for me. Nothing beats face-to-face oral testing but the next best thing will have to be one-to-one testing on zoom. Aside from group oral topics done in class, I have scheduled one-to-one testing for all my P6 students. I was hoping to do as many sessions as possible during the May school holidays but with the announcement that P6s will go back for lessons from May 19th, I had to once again change my expectations.

For those planning to test your child the oral component at home, here is one on the theme of Kindness. We did this theme last week during our class oral and I reminded the students to use examples and experiences they have read about during this Covid-19 period.

P6 Oral Stimulus-based Conversation model answer on the theme of Kindness

P6 Oral Stimulus-based Conversation model answer on the theme of Kindness picture

Question 1: Why do you think we need to have a World Kindness Day? Aren’t we supposed to be kind every day?

Reason 1

I think that World Kindness Day is a reminder to everyone about the importance of kindness. Sometimes, we are so busy with our day to day to life like school, homework and other activities that we forget to be kind to others. Having a special Kindness day once a year is a good way to stop our usual habits and do something kind for someone else.


Last year, my teacher asked us to write a list of kind acts that we would like to do for the month. It really got me to think about what I consider to be kind acts and how often I am actually kind to others.

At home, my mother also made my brothers and me do a list of how we can be kind to one another. We then shared our lists with one another. Mom asked us to be kind to her by clearing our toys and books. She also asked us to wash our own dishes after dinner so that she can have more time to relax.  I didn’t realise that by not helping my mother I was also being unkind to her.

Reason 2

I also think that a tragedy or a pandemic like the current crisis, can spur people on to be kind to others. I have read articles in the news and on social media about many acts of kindness all around the world since this pandemic started.

Other Examples

I have read about people who would queue in the supermarkets to buy groceries for the elderly as they are the most vulnerable. Some restaurants are also giving away free food to the homeless and those in financial difficulties.


In my opinion, having a world kindness day can be a way to remind everyone that we should make some time to be kind to others in need, even if we are busy with our lives. Small gestures like letting an elderly person go up the bus before us is also an act of kindness.

Question 2: Tell me about a time you were kind to someone or when someone was kind to you.

Recently, I was sick with a terrible virus. I had a high fever for many days and I could not move from my bed. I missed school for more than a week! Everyday my classmates would take turns to come by my house after school and give my mum my homework and notes of the lessons that I missed. They also drew cards and wrote letters to me. For the first 4 days I was too sick to see them but on the 4th and 5th days, I felt better so my classmates came to my room to tell me jokes and stories about what I had missed in school.

It really cheered me up! They also helped me with my school work when I returned to school. Their kindness to me when I was sick made me feel so much better. It wasn’t fun at all to be so ill and not to be able to move from your bed. I was also very worried about all the school work I missed especially in the P6 year!

In my opinion, having friends like these really cheered me up and helped me to catch up with my school work. I try to look out for things that I can do to help my classmates now. If anyone is ill I will volunteer to send them their school work because I know how important kindness is to everyone.

I suggest that all students help one another in school. It will make the school a happy and fulfilling environment to be in everyday.

Question 3: Do you think that Singapore is a gracious society?

Yes and no.

 I think that Singaporeans can sometimes be very kind. Especially when they see or hear about someone in trouble. When there is a charitable cause, many Singaporeans will donate money.

This is the case now with the Covid-19. I have read about many people sewing face masks for the foreign workers who are all quarantined in their dormitories. There are also organisations collecting food and clothes for them while they are unable to work.

I also know that many Singaporeans try to volunteer in organisations that help the poor such as Willing Hearts. My aunt volunteers there. She helps to cook and pack food for the poor. During the school holidays, I will volunteer with her once a week. It is really tiring work but I feel good after, knowing that I have helped others.

At the same time, I have seen Singaporeans who will sit in the Reserved seats of the MRT and pretend to sleep or ignore when an elderly person comes on the train. I find that to be quite ungracious and quite shocking.

I hope that all Singaporeans can be kind and gracious all of the time.

In my opinion, everyone, even children, should find a way to help others in need. The good feelings we get from helping others can affect us positively.

Get ready for the PSLE!

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