As Secondary 1 students manoeuvre life in their first year at secondary school, they realise that the writing component is somewhat more challenging than what they had experienced in primary school. At Thinking Factory, the writing component is part of our weekly lessons. All of us at TF, love the art of writing and spreading that love to our students, from primary school to secondary school.

Our secondary school teacher is here to guide you on how we can create interesting characters.

We all love a good story – its captivating storyline, its suspense, or its lovable or utterly detestable characters. While there are many elements to consider when it comes to crafting a good story, characterisation is a crucial one. How can you create more engaging and memorable characters?

Find out how you can do it through this video below! Have a look at the worksheet [1] and think about the write-ups first before watching.

exercise worksheet regarding An introduction on how to create interesting characters

[1] Adapted from: All About English
Prepared by: Teacher Rachael


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