The 10-mark editing section might be a breeze for some and a struggle for others, especially if you’re not familiar with grammatical rules. The good news is that just knowing your grammatical rules does not necessarily lead to a good editing score; knowing how to apply these rules and principles in context is more important. In this post, which includes a demonstration video, you will learn some techniques you can use to identify errors more effectively.

I will be using this passage [1] to demonstrate these skills. Please attempt the practice before watching the video.

exercise worksheet for Editing through clue-finding


[1] From Present Perfect by Think Tank Studio

Now, watch the video to see how I arrive at the answers using my clue-finding technique. This will take you about 14 minutes.

I hope you have found the skills covered in the video useful. Try them on another passage. If you have questions or clarifications about what was taught, please get in touch! Or, sign up for our Secondary 2 class to get more guided practice.

Practice makes perfect! It may seem like a tedious process at first, but will really strengthen your grammatical awareness over time. This will also translate into better proofreading and editing of your essays! Start working smart today!

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