We are an awesome team of MOE-trained English Teachers!

Teaching the English Language the right way requires passion and methodology. Teacher Evelyn crafted her approach for the past 10 years and came up with the perfect setup to help your child reach his/her PSLE goal.

About Teacher Evelyn

After almost 10 years of teaching in a Primary school, Teacher Evelyn decided to leave the service to live and teach abroad for 5 years.

During her happy 10 years of teaching, she specialised in English Language for the PSLE year. She taught both students who were strong in English and those who found the language challenging.

Teacher Evelyn believes that teaching goes hand-in-hand with learning.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, specialising in English Language and Literature and a Diploma in Education. She decided to pursue a Masters degree in Education at NTU, after the birth of her second child. During the year that she worked on her dissertation, she started giving tuition to a few students at home. The few students grew quickly into groups of students through word of mouth.

After receiving her Masters of Education, she was not willing to leave her students without a tutor so Teacher Evelyn put aside her pursuit of her PHD and became a full-time English Language tutor.
In 2018 she opened up her centre, Thinking Factory Education Centre, at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, to accommodate her growing number of students and hopes that it will be a happy and conducive place of learning for them.

She started her blog soon after she began giving tuition as a means to help parents who do not have an English tutor for their child due to personal choice or financial reasons. Growing up without having the financial means to employ tutors, Teacher Evelyn’s hope is that her blog is able to help parents and students who can use her material to study at home. She is also proud of her students effort in writing and puts their compositions up on her blog as a means of encouragement.

Teacher Evelyn’s aim for her students is to find a balance between a love of writing & learning the English Language with the mastery of the components for examinations.