At the end of every year, I ask a few parents of my P6 students to write a testimonial about their child’s and their experience with Thinking Factory. While every child is different and so are their needs, I believe that by reading some of the testimonials from parents, other parents new to the centre can have an idea of the kind of teacher that I am and how my lessons are run.

Some of our P6 students were very keen to write a testimonial alongside their parents.

2022 English Tuition testimonials

Ms Agnès – Mother of Jalynn P6

2022 testimonial mother of P6 Student part 1
2022 10 03 testimonial Ms Agnes Mother of Jalynn P6 page 2

Mrs Ng – Mother of Brandon P6

P6 testimonial Mrs Ng

Ms Christina – Mother of Joab P6

My child attended Thinking Factory at the start of P6. He really enjoys his lessons at Thinking Factory! He always shares with me that Teacher Evelyn is patient and showers him with lots of encouragement. Teacher Evelyn has helped my child improve and prepare well for all his English tests, including oral, situational writing, composition, and comprehension. In addition to the nurturing environment, I am also extremely satisfied with the curriculum here. 

The lessons in Thinking Factory are well planned and crafted. Efficient vast coverage on different English paper 2 components plus either SW or CW done in every lesson. I like not only that Thinking Factory covers all the components tested for PSLE including oral but also, all of these are covered in one class. Unlike other centres, the English subject is split up into 2-3 different classes. This can be daunting and time-consuming for a P6 child having to attend several classes just for English subject alone. 

My child benefited also by the in-depth Oral preparation and many rounds of 1-1 in-person oral tests Teacher Evelyn conducted with her students. My child has learnt and picked up useful concepts to approach his oral exam questions confidently. 

What really makes Thinking Factory outstanding is Teacher Evelyn’s genuine passion for her students’ learning. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my child needed to stop lessons at Thinking Factory. Yet, Teacher Evelyn never stopped to offer her help in many ways leading to the PSLE dates. She continued to check on my child by sending us her lesson materials for his learning. She will reply to any English papers questions from us even after my child has stopped lessons at Thinking Factory. Teacher Evelyn is the best English teacher we have known.

Thank you, Teacher Evelyn. We are deeply grateful for your dedication and all that you have done.

Mrs Samantha – Mother of benjamin P6

P6 testimonial Samantha Tan

Mrs Choong – Mother of P6 student

I made the right decision to arrange my son to attend English classes at Thinking Factory since early this year. The lessons were very effective as I observed my son gained confidence in both composition writing and oral presentation. He enjoyed attending the lessons. The programme covered all aspects to prepare the P6 students for PSLE. Teacher Evelyn is a very experienced teacher. She identified the weak areas and helped my son to learn the right techniques and improved his skills. Thank you very much, Teacher Evelyn!

Once again, thank you so much for your guidance. Hope to hear from you soon with regards to the P2 class for my girl, Zheng Xi!

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Choong

2021 English Tuition testimonials (collection 1)

Ms Gina – Mother of Kendrick P6

Dear Teacher Evelyn,

It’s been an incredible one year with Thinking Factory and words just aren’t enough to express our gratitude.

Thank you for believing in each child, for instilling in them confidence. We didn’t believe that Kendrick would stand a chance in the English Creative Writing competition but you saw in him what we didn’t. Your faith and belief in him has spurred him on to set higher goals and expectations.

Thank you for stretching the kids behind the potential. When we first started Thinking Factory, we were contented to just do the minimum. Your constant encouragement and enthusiasm for the language pushed the kids to challenge themselves.

Last but not least, thanks for helping to coach the kids with not just a firm hand but also a heart to watch out for each child. The individual comments you have given each child not only takes time, but also, shows how much you track each child’s progress.

Thank you for caring and motivating each child!! It’s been a great journey with Thinking Factory and we look ahead to more years ahead!

Mrs Neo – Mother of Isaac P6

english tuition 2021 testimonial1 p1 Mrs Neo Mother of Isaac P6
english tuition 2021 testimonial1 p2 Mrs Neo Mother of Isaac P6

Ms Doris – Mother of Germaine P6

english tuition 2021 testimonial2

2020 English Tuition testimonials

Mrs Nicole Tan – Mother of Vernice – P6 English tuition student

Vernice scored A* for her 2020 PSLE English, which has actually exceeded our expectations!
Vernice had attended Teacher Evelyn’s class since P5. We found Thinking Factory online after reading some good reviews from other parents.
Teacher Evelyn’s lessons are structured and fun, she uses a variety of teaching aids and materials which keep the lessons interesting.
Teacher Evelyn is extremely personable and has connected very well with Vernice, especially during CB period, when all the Zoom lessons were organised properly by her.

I have no hesitation in giving Teacher Evelyn the highest recommendation possible.

Thank you Teacher Evelyn!

Nicole Tan
(Vernice Mummy)

Ms Pauline – Mother of Claire – P6 English tuition student from SNGS

Hi Evelyn, Claire got A star for English. Your oral workshops and encouragement brought out the best in her during the PSLE oral session. She told me she shared with the examiner what she shared with you on the Matilda drama where you gave her the boost of confidence. Thanks again!

Ms Lena Mother of P6 English student in the Saturday class e1630141390320
Ms Soh Mother of P6 English student in the Tuesday class – 2020 attendance via ZOOM
Ms Curran Mother of P6 English students in the Wednesday class
Mrs Wang Mother of P6 English tuition student – 2020 e1630141460521
Mrs Teoh Mother of P6 English student in the Monday class e1630141441748

2019 English Tuition testimonials

2019 testimonial Mrs Janice Tay scaled
P6 Ms Hazel
2019 testimonial P6 Sat Ms Angela
2019 testimonial P4 Cheryl Joshua
2019 testimonial Serene and Family p6 student
2019 testimonial Xi Yuan P6 e1630242457141
2019 testimonial Natalie Lim p6 student

2018 English Tuition testimonials

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2017 English Tuition testimonials

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2016 English Tuition testimonials

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2015 English Tuition testimonials

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2014 English Tuition testimonials

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2012 English Tuition testimonials

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