Discover our Secondary English Tuition Programme for students based in Singapore.

Thinking Factory’s Secondary English tuition programme is designed to help students build a strong foundation in the English language and hone their skills to tackle the Singapore-Cambridge Secondary Education Certificate exam / English O-Level exam. Our comprehensive enrichment programme provides secondary school students with the necessary skills and strategies to use the English language effectively and succeed academically.

With a focus on personalised guidance, targeted skills development and exam preparation, every student will receive the support they need to thrive.

Engaging Learning Environment for Optimal Growth

At Thinking Factory, we believe that learning should be engaging, inspiring and enjoyable. We create an interactive learning environment where students actively participate and learn through hands-on activities, group discussions and multimedia resources. Our goal is to foster a love for the English language while developing critical thinking, communication and analytical skills.

A Comprehensive Curriculum for Holistic Development

Our programme covers a range of skill areas that are examined in the English paper, namely:

  • Reading:
    Students develop close reading skills and improve their vocabulary through guided reading and annotating exercises. This helps them critically analyse Comprehension passages and equips them to address the demands of Paper 2.
  • Writing:
    Students learn creative writing techniques and how to craft coherent and persuasive arguments. A range of text types, from proposals to brochures to feature articles, are also covered. These prepare them to tackle the Essay and Situational Writing components in Paper 1.
  • Fluency and precision:
    Students hone their ability to communicate fluently and accurately through editing, proofreading and paraphrasing exercises.
  • Listening:
    Students learn to identify contextual clues and extract relevant information from authentic audio texts.
  • Oral Communication:
    Students learn to express themselves verbally and articulate their thoughts on various issues with clarity and confidence.
  • Exam Preparation:
    Our teachersare well-versed in the requirements of secondary school English exams. They provide targeted guidance on exam formats, time management strategies, and effective revision techniques to maximise performance.



S$ 85 / lesson

Class Details

  • 2-hour lesson
  • Maximum 8 students per class
  • On-site attendance
  • or Online attendance via Zoom live streaming

2024 Bukit Timah Branch Secondary English Tuition Timetable

LevelClass TypeDayTime
S1All Components ClassSAT5 pm to 7 pm

Supplementary Resources for Self-directed Learning

To complement your learning at our classes, we provide tips and resources on our blog. Whether you are a primary student preparing for Secondary English or a Secondary 4 student gearing up for the O-Level exams, we have practical advice to get you going. If you want to target certain skill areas, you can explore our clue-finding tips for editing, pick up some conversation handles for the oral exam or even deep-dive into our multimedia writing series. For those who want to know where to start, perhaps our Post-Exam Reality Check or Paper 1 Diagnostic will help. We hope our complimentary resources will support you in your English learning journey.

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