Discover our Secondary English Tuition Programme for students based in Singapore.

Lesson Structure (over 2 lessons)

Paper 1 components
  • Editing
  • Situational writing
  • Composition writing
Paper 2 components
  • Visual text
  • Comprehension narrative text
  • Comprehension non narrative text
Oral Component
  • 1 oral practice


S$ 80 / S1 lesson

S$ 85 / S2 lesson

S$ 90 / S3 lesson

Class details

  • 2-hour lesson
  • Maximum 8 students per class
  • Make-up lesson


  • On-site
  • Online – Zoom live streaming

English language proficiency is developed over time and requires consistency. TF’s Secondary English tuition programme aims to develop the following skills, strategies and dispositions (attitudes and behaviours) in students:

Using Thinking Routines to analyse a variety of issues, eg.

  • Think-Pair-Share
  • See, Think, Wonder
  • Circle of Viewpoints
  • Tug-of-War


– To improve close reading skills (e.g. find connections/trends, discover relationships between characters, make inferences) and increase vocabulary through guided reading and annotating exercises

– To increase grammatical awareness in order to tackle the Editing component and reduce grammatical errors in writing

Checking Soundness of argument:

– Has PEEL structure (scaffolding) been used?

– Is the Explanation clear and logical?

– Is the Example/s given strong and convincing?

– Are there any loopholes in the argument? / Is it easily refuted (proved untrue)?

Checking for Precision, Completeness, Relevance (for the Comprehension & Summary component)

– Precision: accuracy of words and phrasing

– Completeness: no excess or lack of information

– Relevance: addressing the terms of question

Develop ease and confidence in writing through weekly writing exercises

2023 Bukit Timah Branch Secondary English tuition timetable

LevelDayStart timeEnd time
S1SAT2 pm4 pm
S2SAT4 pm6 pm
S3SAT6 pm8 pm

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