The Listening Comprehension (LC) paper used to only consist of multiple choice questions and as such, students usually count on this paper to pull up their total average marks. However, the current MOE EL syllabus requires students to think more critically and even take down notes while listening to audio clips.

In our Secondary One classes at Thinking Factory, we make sure that the Listening Comprehension component is part of our curriculum. We teach the students the skills to identify information that are both stated and implied in the audio clip.

In this blog post, we will be looking in detail at Part 3 of the LC paper for this post and explore other sections of the paper in other posts.

For Part 3 of the LC paper, students are required to listen to an audio clip twice and choose four pieces of information they can hear in the audio clip which are either stated or implied. There will be six pieces of information and two of them will be irrelevant to the audio clip.

Students usually struggle with this section because while the information stated will be clear enough, the implied pieces of information are usually not so obvious. Students will have to listen to the audio clip carefully in order to sieve out information which is implied rather than stated.

Let’s look at an example of Part 3, shall we?

SEC 1 English Listening Comprehension part 3 example

You will hear a recording providing information about a hotel.

For this question, choose from the list (A-F) four pieces of information which are stated or implied in the recording. Put a tick (√) for each piece of information.

No marks will be awarded if you tick more than four pieces of information.

You will hear the recording twice.

in the text
A. A business traveller is likely to choose to stay at the Ashworth Hotel.[ ___ ]
B. The Ashworth Hotel is newly built.[ ___ ]
C. The Aquarius Group owns many hotels.[ ___ ]
D. Arlington is far from the city centre.[ ___ ]
E. The Ashworth Hotel guarantees a comfortable stay with them.[ ___ ]
F. Coffee and tea are readily available in the rooms.[ ___ ]

Now that we have looked at the question, let’s listen to the audio clip together, shall we?

Audio credit: Ban Leong Enterprises.

If you notice, the audio clip will be played twice, which gives you a chance to listen carefully to the details you might have missed out the first time. There are two pieces of information which are clearly stated in the audio clip, namely the fact that the Aquarius Group is a large chain of family-owned hotels (Answer: C), and that the hotel rooms are equipped with coffee and tea-making facilities (Answer: F). These two answers should be fairly easy for everyone.

However, the implied pieces of information are not as obvious. In the audio clip, it was mentioned that the hotel is a popular choice for conferences. This implies that a business traveller will most likely choose to stay at this hotel (Answer: A). Similarly, it was also mentioned that the hotels offer a warm and friendly atmosphere. This means that travellers will stay at the hotel in comfort (Answer: E).

Therefore, the correct answers for this question would be A, C, E and F. Did you get them correct?

Listening Comprehension in secondary school definitely looks more daunting, isn’t it? However, if you pay close attention to the details while listening, figuring out the answers is actually not too difficult after all. And in our Sec 1 classes, Teacher Suba will be there to guide you in LC as you navigate your first year in secondary school.

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