October is the revision month for our P2 to P5 students.  One of the components that we focus on is Paper 2. While not all P2 students will have SA2, most have a termly review, testing them on different components such as Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Grammar.

Building a strong grammar foundation from a young age is essential in all components of the English Language. From Composition writing to Oral, knowing the correct grammar rules and how to use them can go a long way to managing the language better and appreciating the language.

Our P2 students this year have worked diligently on their writing skills, as well as, their grammar structures. At TF, our teachers teach them the importance of looking for grammar clues in a sentence before selecting an answer. This is a good habit to cultivate from a young age as many Grammar MCQ questions require multiple clues to find the correct answers.

So, what grammar structures should a P2 student have mastered by the end of the P2 year?

How do they find the clues in a grammar MCQ section that can help them select the correct answer?

Below are some examples.

Grammar MCQ Question 1

The boys _____________ at the playground now.

  1. is playing
  2. are playing
  3. played
  4. play

Answer: are playing.

Grammar rules needed:

  • Subject-verb-agreement rule

Students will need to recognise if the subject in a sentence is singular or plural and then choose a singular or plural verb.

The word boys is considered a plural subject. Hence, students will choose a plural verb.

  • Tense rule

The word now indicates that the action is happening in the present. The word now also indicates that the verb should be in the present continuous form.

Grammar MCQ Question 2

There is _____________ chocolate syrup on the table. Please clean it.

  1. many
  2. some
  3. any

Answer: some

Grammar rules needed:

  • Countable and uncountable nouns and quantifiers

The word syrup is an uncountable noun. Thus, the best quantifier to use is some

Grammar MCQ Question 3

When the children saw the swimming pool, they jumped ________ the water excitedly.

  1. at
  2. into
  3. above
  4. between

Answer: into

Grammar rule needed:

  • Verb + Preposition

The words water and jump are clues as to which preposition a student will need to pick for this sentence

The above are just some of the grammar rules that P2 students should master by the end of the school year. Remember to learn your grammar rules and to find your clues :)

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