Our P2-P4 classes have been on their break since the start of December. Our P5s and P6s will begin their break at the end of this week. While the year-end holiday period is an excellent time for all students to relax and have some fun, it is also a great time for students to spend some time reading or working on a reading project.

At Thinking Factory, we assign our students some fun English reading projects during our June and December holidays. This is our way to encourage our students to cultivate their love of reading and to keep up their level of English during the break.

Book in a box or book in a bag

Our younger students are assigned to choose a book that they have never read before and present the book in the form of a book in a box, a book in a bag, character cards or even a powerpoint presentation for those who join us online for lessons. This year we are awarding prizes to motivate students to continue their love of reading even after the project is over.


Below are some of our students’ presentations.

sample english reading project book in a box
PPT presentation
Character cards

Newspaper articles

Our P5 & P6 students are assigned to read the newspapers and choose 2 newspaper articles per week to present to the class. Students may find the articles from hardcopy newspapers or print out news online. The objective is for them to understand the format of newspaper articles and this, in turn, will help them in their Comprehension Cloze passages. The bonus is that they will also learn what articles in the newspapers capture their interests and attention.

news 2
news 3

We hope that these ideas will be of some use this December holidays. Enjoy your break and happy holidays to everyone!

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