Here is an example of a composition planning on the theme of an accident for Primary 3 and Primary 4 students. The planning technique has been simplified (introduction – problem – solution – ending) since the main goal is to train the students to plan as quickly as possible. We introduce more complex planning techniques at later stage once the pupils are confident with their planning skills.

Composition Question and Pictures

Write a story based on accident

Pictures Given:
An old woman lying on the road/a speeding car/a child on the mobile phone

P3 Composition planning on an accident


  • Sun streamed down mercilessly
  • Trudging home from school, with heavy school bag
  • Along the way I greeted my elderly neighbor Mrs Tan
  • (Character Development)– Mrs Tan was neighbor who lived alone. She had no family. Always kind to me. Gave me cookies when she baked them
  • Suddenly I heard the screech of a car and a loud thud


  • Spun around
  • Mrs Tan was lying in the middle of the road, motionless
  • Red sports car sped off without stopping
  • At first I stood stock still, my heart beating wildly.
  • I felt terrified
  • I had never seen an accident before


  • I sprang into action
  • I took down the license plate number
  • I took out my mobile phone and called the ambulance and my mother at home
  • Crowd surrounded Mrs Tan by now
  • Ran to her and held her hand
  • A deep gash on her head and there was a pool of blood
  • She was crying
  • Within minutes the ambulance and police arrived
  • Paramedics put her on a stretcher and took her to the hospital
  • I gave the police my statement
  • My mother and I accompanied her in the ambulance


  • The doctor said Mrs Tan suffered head injuries
  • She stayed in hospital for a month
  • When she returned home, my mother and I took care of Mrs Tan
  • She thanked me for being a good neighbour

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