The Editing section carries a weightage of 12 marks. Students are expected to correct a series of mistakes in a passage. There are 6 grammatical mistakes and 6 spelling mistakes. Sounds easy enough? Not always so.

This component is often overlooked in favour of the more complex components – Cloze, Synthesis & Transformation & Comprehension Open-ended. Yet this section carries a higher weightage than Synthesis & Transformation. Many times, parents and teachers assume that students should not have any issue correcting spelling mistakes. However, many of the words in the Editing section, are from commonly misspelled words. This means that even students (and adults) with a strong grasp of the language are able to misspell these words.

At TF, our P5 and P6 students are given Editing lists and tested throughout the year. We also provide lists of commonly misspelled words on regular basis.

This year, I wanted my P6 students to know which words have been tested for the past PSLE years, so I created a list of all the Editing spelling words tested from PSLE 2017 – 2022.

This list has been given to my P5 students this year to prepare them for their upcoming English SA2.

I hope that this list will also be useful to you in your revision.

PSLE Editing lists from 2017 until 2022

PSLE 2017

  1. announcements
  2. scissors
  3. apparently
  4. innovative
  5. deadline
  6. dialogue

PSLE 2018

  1. accomplished
  2. vacation
  3. souvenirs
  4. enthusiasm
  5. compliments
  6. technique

PSLE 2019

  1. immediately
  2. contagious
  3. fluid
  4. scratching
  5. recuperate
  6. lethargic

PSLE 2020

  1. atmosphere
  2. beverages
  3. scrumptious
  4. unique
  5. mechanical
  6. appropriately

PSLE 2021

  1. opposite
  2. nostalgia
  3. museum
  4. reminisce
  5. embarrassment
  6. twentieth

PSLE 2022

  1. exhilaration
  2. miserable
  3. grimace
  4. consciousness
  5. avail
  6. pessimistic

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