The Editing section of the P5 and P6 Paper 2 contains 6 spelling errors that students need to correct. Most of the words come from commonly misspelled words. The aim is to test a student’s accuracy in spelling these words.

From P4, our students are given a list of words to learn. The P4 students are given 20 words to learn, the P5s 40 words, and the P6s 60. The P4s and P5s are tested on this list twice a year, once at the start and then again in Term 3 so that new students who join us also have a chance to learn from this list.

Like every year, we begin to introduce P5 Paper 2 English components to our P4 students in Term 3 and Term 4. One of the sections introduced in Term 3 will be the Editing section. By mastering their commonly misspelled words list, they can see how they can use these words in their Editing section.

These words also appear often in their compositions and when not corrected, students still continue to spell certain words wrongly even in P6, costing them valuable marks.

Below is the list of words that our P4 students use. We hope that this list will be useful to all P4 students.

P4 English Paper 2: Commonly Misspelled Words

  1. athlete
  2. aggressive
  3. amateur
  4. convenient
  5. conscious
  6. unconscious
  7. cigarette
  8. dissatisfied
  9. dining
  10. desperate
  11. dilemma
  12. excitement
  13. embarrass
  14. environment
  15. government
  16. occasion
  17. panicked
  18. perseverance
  19. sincerely
  20. severely

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