Building a rich vocabulary requires a child to read widely and consistently. While this is the dream of most parents, reality can be somewhat different. So, how can we help children improve in the Vocabulary section of Paper 2? When P4 students move on to P5, they are not only faced with higher order Vocabulary MCQ questions but also Vocabulary Cloze, which expects them to pick the best possible answer out of all the similar choices.

Therefore, from P4, our students are given a Vocabulary list with 5 words weekly.

In class, we make sentences with the words in the Vocabulary lists. This will allow students to understand how to use these words in a sentence.

Our Vocabulary lists are also linked to Vocabulary exercises. This will allow students to pick the correct word in a given sentence.

The following week, the words from the previous week’s Vocabulary List are tested again in class. Teachers will choose 3 words out of the 5 and students will create their sentences.

Such Vocabulary lists and exercises are easy to create at home as well. You only need a Vocabulary assessment book or a set of P5 Top school papers and a dictionary. Asking your child to make a sentence with each word on the list before attempting the exercises is a good way to check if he or she has understood the meaning of the word.

Below is an example of what our P4 TF teachers worked on. This can give you an idea of how to create your own lists at home.

Example of our weekly P4 vocabulary list & exercises

Pink Illustrated Spring Sentences Worksheet for Speech Therapy 1

P4 Vocabulary exercise

1.     Mr Lee has _______________ a great fortune selling timber to factories in Indonesia and Malaysia.

  1. gathered
  2. amassed
  3. contracted
  4. accounted

2.     The feud between the two families ended when the two brothers decided to _______________ and let bygones be bygones.

  1. face the music
  2. kick the bucket
  3. bury the hatchet
  4. throw in the towel

3.     Mrs Tan tried to ________________ some humour into her talk when she noticed some participants fidgeting and looking bored.

  1. input
  2. insert
  3. inject
  4. induce

4.     Mrs Lim is very unpopular among her friends as she likes to ________________ her wealth.

  1. flaunt
  2. parade
  3. manifest
  4. brandish

5.     “I do not want to _______________ any details of the meeting until further notice,” said the Principal at the briefing.

  1. impart
  2. expose
  3. divulge
  4. uncover

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