There are a number of ways that the teachers at Thinking Factory help their Secondary English students on their journey to becoming good essay writers.

After learning how to analyse essay questions, Tr Rachael will now show you how to create vivid essays

What makes a good essay?

In this video, our Secondary 2 teacher, Teacher Rachael will explain to students how they can make their stories come alive.

With the help of a model essay ‘A great disappointment’, Teacher Rachael will teach students the structure of a narrative plot and what are the features of a good narrative.

You may download the handout before watching the video.


If you would like more practice on narrative writing, come join us for our weekly lessons.

Secondary 1 English tuition 2022 timetable

LocationDayStart timeEnd time
Bukit TimahSaturday6.00 pm8.00 pm
Hougang PelikatThursday5.00 pm7.00 pm
Updated on September 27, 2021