As the school holidays approach, I am pretty sure like my own P6s, it isn’t a time of rest. This is the last stretch before the PSLE. Hang in there! The school holiday is really the perfect time for revision and planning out possible composition themes. Here are some of my students’ preliminary themes.

I hope that the list below will help you along with your revision 🙂

2019 Preliminary Composition Themes

Theme:                A promise

Pictures :             a pinky promise/ am injured dog paw/ bad result slip

Theme:               A surprise

Pictures :             a shopping mall/ a gift/ a stack of cash

Theme:               An unforgettable event

Pictures :             a boy with his hands out/ a pair of shoes/ stairs

Theme :               Overcoming a challenge

Pictures :             a jar of sweets/ a microphone/ ?

Theme:                An unexpected discovery

Pictures:              a cardboard box/ a girl crying/ a wallet with lots of money and ID

Theme:                My success

Pictures:              a medal/ a microphone on stage/ an exam revision timetable

Theme:               Perseverance

Pictures:              name guest/ a person helping another person up a hill/ a cup with the word ‘Perseverance’

Theme:               Determination

Pictures:              Swimming/ playing guitar/  a medal

Theme:               Being responsible

Pictures:              A student taking care of a baby/ a fire alarm button/ bullying

Theme:               Leadership

Pictures:              Standing ovation/ a medal saying “Well-done”/ group project

Theme:                A huge responsibility

Pictures:              sign saying project work / birthday cake/ two siblings

Theme:               Overcoming a weakness

Pictures:              unhealthy food/ public speaking/ revision timetable

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