Situational writing comprises of emails, letters (formal and informal), notices and reports. Limited information is given in graphic form and the students have to use this information  in any of the above formats. It seems so easy yet it is not. Students have to make sure that they 1) do not miss out on any of the points given 2) use clear and proper sentences to bring those points out 3) do not make any grammatical mistakes.

If they can do all three, then a perfect score of 15 is very possible. How do they go about it? Practice!

Many schools with their tight curriculum schedules only really launch into Situational Writing intensively on the 2nd half of the P6 year. For strong writers this is enough time for them to perfect their situational writing skills. For those less than perfect writers, regular practice is a good way to improve.

Situational writing compromises normally of

1) Emails (formal/informal – usually informal)
2) Letters (formal/informal) – Formal : e.g. A letter of Commendation/Complaint
3) A Report
4) A Notice  

Format for Situational Writing Texts

(A) A Report

Date : (optional- date can be put in the report itself)
To :

(Title ): A report on an accident/incident

I am writing this report to inform you about an accident/incident….
I hope that this information will be helpful in your investigation.


I hope that this information will be useful to you. (Endings are optional. Some schools do not require an ending while others insist there must be one).

Yours sincerely,

(B) A Notice/Formal Letter

Date : (Optional)

(Title) : A notice about../A letter of complaint/commendation

I am writing this notice/letter to inform you about…
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

(C) Informal Email

Dear Jim.

How are you? I heard that you have been ill and I hope that you are resting well. I recently saw a notice about….

I am looking forward to your favourable reply
Best regards,

Please take note, do not be alarmed if your child’s school does not follow the same format. Every school may have slightly different formats. What is important is the Language and Content.

Situational Writing Content:

Students must not miss out on any of the points asked.

A proper introduction is necessary.

Language : Students must use the correct tenses – Past/Present/Future and tone appropriate to either formal or informal writing.

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