A great way to revise for the upcoming English Paper 1 Preliminary is by planning out previous questions. We do this every year right before the Prelim composition. Thanks to my P6 students every year, we always have a list to work with. Below is the SA1 2021 List of Composition Themes that you can plan out at home.

Wishing everyone all the best for their upcoming PSLE Oral and Prelims!

2021 Primary 6 SA1 list of composition themes


Theme: An Important Project

Pictures: A child with his head in his hands/ A box controlling a robot/ Two students working on a project


Theme: An Unexpected Find

Pictures: A box/ 2 Friends/ A cave

CHIJ St Nicholas

Theme: A Surprise

Pictures: A cat/ A man & woman arguing/ A clown

Lakeside & Greenridge Primary

Theme: Losing Sleep

Pictures: A clock/ A person being sick/ Stage with lights

Yew Tee Pri

Theme: A special announcement

Pictures: A medal/ Clothes/ A speaker

North Spring

Theme: An unexpected discovery

Pictures: A diary/ A house/ A book

Bukit Panjang Primary

Theme: An unexpected incident

Pictures: An Open Door/ A person looking surprised/ ?

Pei Tong Primary

Theme: A Brave Act

Pictures: A hand/ A cat on a tree branch / ?

Radin Mas Primary

Theme: A surprise visitor

Pictures: A cat/ A man with a bag/ A clown

Holy Innocents Primary

Theme: A Time that you felt appreciated

Pictures: A boy running in a race while spectators cheered/ A boy helping another boy who has fallen/ A girl receiving a certificate

CHIJ Toa Payoh

Theme: Winning

Pictures: A person swimming/ A person holding a trophy and standing on the podium/ A person running on the track

Mee Toh Primary

Theme: A surprise visit

Pictures: A cat/ A dog/ A clown holding balloons

Pei Hwa PPS

Theme: Facing a challenge that went well in the end

Pictures: A camp with rock climbing & high obstacles/  Two people wondering how to do a project/ A boy holding his result slip

Keming Primary

Theme: A mistake

Pictures: A wallet/ OAS/ A person on a stretcher/ ?

Chongfu Primary School

Theme: An Argument

Pictures: A playground/ Two people fighting/ ?

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