After the PSLE, a few of my students messaged me to let me know how the paper was and what came out for the the Composition topic. I then prepared the topic to work with both my P4 and P5 classes. Below, is a composition written on the topic by one of my Primary 4 students. The pictures below are of course not exactly as what was given during the PSLE… but close enough.

The reason I chose a Model Composition from a P4 student and not a P5 (they wrote great compositions too!)  is to show that a good writer can come from any age group.

The Model Composition below has been typed out for clarity. I have corrected a few grammatical mistakes but have not changed any part of her story. The Writing Technique that we focused on for that lesson was Descriptive Introductions. Please take note of how she has used this technique by starting immediately in the Setting of the story.

PSLE Composition model on the theme of a considerate act

Note to students

The model compositions in this blog are to help students generate ideas and to be used as a guide. Students are not allowed to copy the model compositions and then pass them off as their own work, especially in school. It is called plagiarism.

psle a considerate act illustration for composition model answer

Jammed in the crowd, I squeezed my way through, managing to slip into one of the cabins of the train. Catching my breath, I looked around the cabin, which held many commuters who were packed like a tin of sardines. Sighing, I had no choice but to put up with the crowd.               

It was a Saturday and I was out on a shopping spree. I had heard that the latest trends of fashion were sold at Orchard Ion which was linked right next to the train station. I wanted to buy some clothes and had headed there for fashion ideas. After buying the clothes, I decided to take the train back home and here I was, stuck!               

Scanning around, I pushed my way through the buzzing crowd and was nearly exhausted. Just when I thought that all the seats were taken, I spotted a Reserved seat from the corner of my eye. Immediately, I walked up to it and nearly sat down when a little voice told me not to sit on the Reserved seat. However, I could not make up my mind. I knew that it would be inconsiderate of me but I felt like my legs would turn into jelly at any moment. Finally, I surrendered to the little voice in my head and stood beside the Reserved seat while holding the bar.               

“Doors are opening.” A frail old lady with wrinkles on her face entered the cabin. She took slow, steady steps until a sudden jerk nearly threw her off her balance. Spotting the Reserved seat, she hurried over and sat on it. Her face displayed a smile with wrinkles forming. I smiled back, glad that I had been considerate.               

After awhile, a pregnant, young lady entered the cabin as well. With one hand clutching on her bulging belly and the other clutching her handbag, she walked unsteadily to the centre. Beads of perspiration trickled down her face as she struggled to hold on to the bar. It was as if she was holding on to her dear life. I looked around the cabin. No one moved from the seat to offer it to her.               

In a twist of fate, the frail, old lady stood up slowly. “Come, come. Sit here,” she smiled as she gestured to the pregnant lady to sit down. All the commuters, including myself, could not believe what we had just seen. Our jaws hung agape as we watched the scene in awkward silence. A few were guilty of abusing the advantage of the Reserved seats and quickly gave up their seats as well to those who needed it more.               

This act of consideration sparked a light in me. Even an old, fragile woman can be considerate, so why couldn’t I? From that day onwards, I promised myself to be more confident and considerate to others.               

“Ang Mo Kio.” I was still deep in thought when the doors opened. “Oh dear, it’s the station I am supposed to get off,” I exclaimed anxiously. When I reached the train doors, I looked back to see the old lady smiling at me once more. I waved at her before exiting the cabin, a warm smile spreading across my face.  

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