The holidays are over and school has begun for all primary school students. P5 students will be introduced to more challenging components in their English Language subject over the next few months. One new component is the Situational Writing component. This component falls under Paper 1 and is meant to be a ‘short and sweet’ writing piece worth 15 marks. Students who perfect their Situational Writing do take a short time to write their pieces and with a score of 14/15 or 15/15, it is a sweet way to ensure good marks for their Paper 1 English component.

What should students take note of when tackling the SW component for the first few times?

1. Read your question paper carefully

Take the time to read what is required of you by reading the text, task and points needed

2. Focus on the Task section

Pay special attention to the Task section. This will give you important information about your SW piece

3. Identify your PAC

From the Task section, you will be able to identify the Purpose (P), Audience (A) and Context (C) of your SW

P: Why you are writing the email/report/letter etc

A: Who you are writing to – friend or teacher

C: What tone should you use in your SW – formal or informal

4. Know your format

Memorise the two different Situational Writing formats

Learn the different ways to greet and sign off for both formal and informal SW

Learn how to start and conclude for both formal and informal SW

5. Ensure that you have all the points asked in the SW Question paper

Makes sure that you have carefully noted all the points (usually 4 or 5 points) asked in the question paper

This year the P5 teachers have introduced the SW Planning Paper (below) to all our P5 students. We are aware that by adding in the SW Planning Paper it will take longer in the beginning to complete the SW piece in class. However, we believe that it will instill in students the importance of the above tips, as well as help them phrase their points in clear and concise sentences. When our students have understood the objectives, we will do away with the SW Planning Paper.

SW Planning Template


Audience :

Context :








Conclusion :

We hope that the 5 ways listed above are useful to you.

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