We have been hard at work in our regular P3-P6 classes, getting ready for the SA1 Oral component. We have been testing each student individually or giving them time to plan out their answers in class.

I believe that the individual oral practice that the students have is essential in building confidence in this component. The individual on-the-spot feedback given can also help them understand which areas they need to improve on.

One of the orals that we recently worked on in our workshop and with my regular P6 classes was on the theme of Crime. All the orals that we work on are past years’ preliminary topics tested to my previous years’ students. Analyzing posters has been quite a popular question for SA1 and prelims.

I had previously given them an oral on the theme of dance that had a question about analyzing the poster.

I tested my students again with this theme to see of they had remembered all the tips I had given them and if they had studied their model answers.

P5 English Oral Model on the theme of crime

P5 English Oral Model on the theme of crime picture

Question 1: Do you think that this poster is effective in preventing crime?

Yes, I do. Its message is very clear. It is a crime to shoplift and you can go to jail for it.

This posters probably targets children and teenagers because some humor is added even though it is ‘dark humor’. There is also a play on the words. The handcuffs are referred to as bracelets and the criminal does not need to pay for it, just like the things he or she has stolen. The handcuffs will be given free if you shoplift!

The poster is also in red and white, colours that will catch your eye and words are in bold and printed in large lettering.

I have seen large, cut-out figures of police officers placed outside supermarkets and some shops warning shoplifters not to shoplift. I think that those are quite effective in as a deterrence to shoplifting. They are so large that you cannot miss them! And it may frighten some shoplifters.

Even though, I think that this poster is effective, I would make it even better by adding more information about what will happen should you shoplift. For example, I would add what is the maximum penalty for shoplifting and even put up pictures of shoplifters with their faces blurred out, and being handcuffed by the police.  

Question 2: Have you seen witnessed an incident like this before?

No, I have not but my best friend has. She was in the Popular bookstore last year during the school holidays. They were having a sale and it was packed to the brim with adults and children. While she was browsing through some stationery, she saw a teenager across from her take two sets of pens and slip them in her pocket. At first she was not sure but the teenager was acting so suspiciously. The shoplifter was also very bold because she moved on to the notebook section and slipped two small notebooks into her bag.

My best friend was too shocked and scared to say anything but when she was near the cashier, she saw the security guard at the store standing next to the shoplifter and speaking to her angrily!

Question 3: As a pupil, how do you think you can help prevent crime?

To prevent crime, I think we should always start with ourselves. We should be good role models within and outside of school. We should adhere to our school rules and traffic rules. We should not be vandalizing school property or dashing across the roads.

We should also take care of our things. We should not leave our belongings lying around school and should not bring expensive items and gadgets to school to avoid tempting others. Once, a girl in my class brought her phone to school. It was the most recent iphone model. She showed it off to everyone in class and ignored the teacher when she told her not to bring such valuables to school. After recess, the girl realized that her phone was gone. Our teacher was very angry. She had to spend 1h looking through everyone’s belongings and searching the school but the phone was never found.

We should also be alert when we are out and report any suspicious people loitering around our neighbourhood or school. We should also be vigilant when we are online because, cyber crimes such as scams, is prevalent nowadays and innocent pupils are targets.

Question 4: Would you report your best friend if he committed a crime?

Wow! That is a difficult question! I think it will be a very difficult situation as I would not want to lose the friendship but if he has done something wrong, it is my duty as a friend to make sure that he knows it is wrong. If I can talk him into owning up for the crime, that would be the best solution. However, if he does not I will report him after speaking to his parents first.

He will probably stop speaking to me but I know that I would have done the right thing. 

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