While checking my emails this morning, I came across the Kiasuparents newsletter and clicked on the link for Oral tips. The tips were useful and I was pleased to see my name and my blog mentioned somewhere at the end!

So, thank you Kiasuparents for the mention ๐Ÿ™‚

And the reminder to post about what the rest of my other levels are up to for the oral component. We have started oral testing for all levels and this week we worked on our first oral, The Annual Science Fair. The theme is on school.

The objective was on reminding the students that for Choice questions, they need to find more than one reason why they have selected their choice. They also need to have Personal Examples/Experiences and Opinions, especially in the upper levels.

P5 Oral Annual Science model Fair illustration

1) Would you attend this Science fair?

Reason 1

Yes, I would, even though Science isn’t my favourite subject in school. I think having a Science fair in school is interesting and gives those who are interested in this subject an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Personal Example

My best friend is a Science geek! He spends all his time trying out experiments at home. At one point he spent almost every day creating all types of slime! Some of them had glitter and others were super stretchy.

Another time he tried creating his own cleaning products by using food ingredients just because his mother commented that cleaning products are too expensive. So, I think I will get him to come along to this Science fair as well!

Reason 2

The poster states that the activities are hands-on and my favourite part of my Science lessons is conducting the experiments. I think that at this fair I will be able to go around and conduct the experiments on my own.

Reason 3

The timing of the Science Fair is ideal as it is after school. My best friend and I can stay back after school for lunch before attending the Science fair.

Personal Example

Both my parents work so my mom doesn’t allow me to attend activities too far from my home on weekdays. As this Science fair is in school, my mom will surely allow me to attend this.   

2) Which experiments are you interested in?

I would like to attend all three experiments! All these experiments are hands-on so I will be able to do them instead of simply watching. I find it very interesting that we are able to make our own snow, especially when we live in a warm climate such as Singapore. I have touched snow just once in my life when I was very young. We had gone to Japan to ski and I remember the wet, soft feel of snow. I would like to see if the snow we create in the experiment will be the same.

I never knew that we are able to get electricity from a potato and would love to give this experiment a go! Sadly, I love drinking Coca-Cola! My mother is always harping about how it’s so bad for me and after this experiment I may have to agree with her!

3) What is your favourite subject in school?

My favourite subject is English. It is also my best subject in school. I have always loved to read since young and this has helped in the areas of vocabulary and writing. While others dislike learning grammar rules, I for one, love to know the correct ways to use the English language. I also enjoy writing compositions because I can come up with creative ideas for stories. My teacher says that I am an excellent writer!

Unfortunately, this love does not carry over to the Chinese language. I find it very difficult and usually just pass. My mother nags me to read more in Chinese but I find that difficult to do.

I also enjoy Math and Science but English is still my favourite subject.

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