Have you ever wondered what type of questions were asked during the PSLE oral and which category/theme those questions fall under?

I like to work on such questions independently from the theme with my students. Not all SBC questions need to fall under a specific theme. I realised that many students assume that questions 2 and 3 of SBC require them to use the theme of the poster. While the question may be linked somewhat to the theme, the answers should come from their own personal experiences.

For example, one of my students who has just completed his Preliminary oral exam had it on the theme of ‘time management’. One of the questions asked was ‘How do you motivate yourself to achieve your goals?’ This question, while may be linked to the theme of time management, would require the student to first list his short-term and/or long-term goals, followed by how he motivates himself to achieve those. Thus, it requires personal experiences.

I often give my students such questions to prepare without a poster or a theme. Personally, I believe that it is a way to prepare for any surprises the PSLE may have in store for them.

Here is a list of Past PSLE SBC questions, that both P5 and P6 students can prepare on their own through their own personal experiences.

PSLE Oral Community questions

1) Have you ever helped anyone in need? Tell me more about it
2) Tell us about the time you did something special for someone
3) Tell me about a time when someone helped you

PSLE Oral Personal questions

1) What do you do during your free time?
2) Do you enjoy reading? What kind of books do you read?
3) Tell us about a time when you felt happy?
4) What is your favourite public transportation?
5) Which country do you wish to go to?

PSLE Oral Health questions

1) How do you keep fit/maintain a healthy lifestyle? Is sleep important to you?
2) Tell us about a visit you made to a clinic
3) What is your favourite food? Is it good for your health?

PSLE Oral Family questions

1) Do you help out at home?
2) Do you keep any pets? Why? Or why not?

PSLE Oral Outings/School questions

1) Tell us about a visit you made to a zoo or any other park.
2) Tell us about an interesting place you have visited
3) Tell us about a school activity you have taken part in
4) What do you think pupils can learn from taking part in school activities?

Get ready for the PSLE!

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