For those who are unsure of what to say during oral, follow the TREES (O) approach.

T: thoughts
R: reason (one question can have multiple reasons)
E: examples to back up your reasons
E: experiences
O: opinions
S: suggestions

So, here is one Stimulus-based conversation which I will be working on with my P6s next week.

I will be preparing the orals themes for 2020 based on the questions that were given to my students during their 2019 Preliminary oral.

The gadget addiction theme was tested in ACS(J). South West Primary and Alexandra Primary. While the theme and picture remained the same for all 3 schools, the questions varied. I have created the model based on questions from all 3 schools.

To all the Primary 6 pupils sitting for their CA1 over the next 3 weeks, I wish you all the best πŸ™‚

Here is an example of a PSLE Oral Gadget Addiction

illustration for the gadget addiction English composition model

Question 1: Would you take part in this talk?


Yes, I believe that I would take part in this talk.


Even though, I think that the talk isn’t relevant for me as I do not abuse the use of my gadgets, I would still attend it as what I lean from this talk may be useful in other ways.


My older sister is addicted to her mobile phone. She is always on her phone, checking messages, chatting with friends, checking her social media applications and also watching videos. My mother has endless quarrels with her. She doesn’t listen to my mother’s advice. Maybe Dr. Lim can give me some ideas on how to handle someone who is addicted to her gadget as she is a world renowned psychologist.


Another reason that I would attend this talk is because it is conveniently held at my school hall. I don’t have to travel anywhere on my own. The timing is also convenient as I end school at 2pm on Fridays. I will usually have my lunch at the school canteen with my friend, Jonas. After lunch, I will make my way to the school hall to listen to the talk.


I will encourage Jonas to attend the talk as well. He has just gotten an ipad for his birthday and lately he has been submitting homework late as he has been playing games late into the night and forgetting to do his homework.


Gadgets are all around us. Everyone has at least one gadget while others have multiples!

Personally, I think that this is a very useful talk that can be beneficial to everyone.

Question 2: Why do you think that gadget addiction is bad?


Firstly, when gadget use is not controlled, we can spend too much time playing in the virtual world and forget about our real life. We may put our studies aside or rush through our work just so that we can start playing games or using our phones. We may skip outdoor activities in favour of sitting in front of our gadget and that can makes us unhealthy in the long run.


My sister doesn’t go out for walks in the nearby park anymore like she used to. Most of the time she is in her room, on her phone or Ipad. Then, she rushes through her school homework because she spent too much time on her gadget. Most of the time she is snacking on cookies or unhealthy snacks.


Secondly, there have also been a rise in cyber bullying online. CNA aired a documentary about cyber bullying and the survey showed that three quarters of students who did the survey were bullied online at one time or another. Almost all did not tell their parents.


I think that this is very worrying. If children are bullied online and don’t tell their parents, this can affect them emotionally. They can feel afraid or sad and then become depressed.


I feel that there should be more protection for children online and more talks like this one to raise awareness about the problems of gadget use and addiction.

Question 3: Do you think that children should have a phone?


I think that it depends on the age of the child. If the child does not travel on his own and does not need a phone for school work, then the child should not have a phone.


I have been using public transport to go to school daily and go for my tuition sessions since I turned 11. Both my parents work and I also have a younger sister so my domestic helper has to take care of her. The phone is very important to me as my mother will call me and check up on me during the day. If she can’t reach me, she will get very worried.

I know of friends who have phones but they don’t use them to communicate with their parents. Their mothers will drop them off and pick them up from school and all their activities. Their phones are just for playing games and posting on social media. It is simply a distraction so I don’t think that they need to have a phone.

R :

I also use my phone for the class group chat.


Everyone in my class has a phone and we will discuss about school projects or events and homework on the whatsapp class chat. My teacher is also part of the group chat and sometimes we will ask her questions about homework if we are not sure.


I think that if the child uses the phone wisely and does not abuse the use of the mobile phone, they can own one.


I suggest that parents spend more time making sure that their children are safe on the internet by talking to their children and teaching them some online rules.

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