PSLE English Oral model Family

PSLE English Oral model Family illustration

Question 1: Would you participate in this challenge with your mom?

No, I wouldn’t. My mother is great with puzzles and Math. In fact, she works in banking so she deals with numbers all day long. However, she dislikes sports! She doesn’t enjoy any outdoor activities or games that are too strenuous. She said she prefers to leave that up to our dad. So while we play many indoor games such as puzzles and work on art projects together with our mom, we do all our outdoor games with our father over the weekends.I think that the fee is steep. As we aren’t members of Explorer kid, we will have to pay $25 to join in the challenge. However, the prizes such as a coffee machine and spa vouchers do seem quite attractive.  Another issue is the distance. We live in the West so getting to Downtown East is quite a distance. I would rather find activities to do with my family around my area.

Question 2: Do you think that your mom a ‘supermom’?

Yes, I do. My mother has a very important job in a bank. Yet, she is always home by dinnertime to be have dinner with us. It is very rare that she is late to come home on a weekday. When she arrives home, she will even cook dinner for us! After dinner she will sit with us to help us with our homework and then tuck us in bed.Only after we are asleep does my mother continue her work. She will also wake up early so that she can have breakfast with us before we leave for school. I know that she is tired but she never complains. She will also take time off from work if we have a performance or a competition. She will always be there to support us.It isn’t easy to balance both work and family life. I have many friends whose parents are working all the time and they hardly see their parents. So I am very lucky that I have a ‘supermom’.

Question 3: How do you help your mother at home?

We do not have a domestic helper at home. . We used to have one but my mother says we are too old now and we should learn to be responsible and independent. Our grandparents stay close by us so they will be at our home when we return home from school. Grandma will prepare lunch or snack for us. We also have a cleaning lady who comes to our home twice a week .My older sister does the laundry and I wash the dishes every evening. We all make sure that our rooms are tidy and pick up after ourselves. I do not like to do the dishes but I do like to cook! Mother is beginning to teach me some easy recipes such as pasta and stir frying vegetables. I hope to cook our meals daily so that mother can relax when she comes home from work and maybe someone else can do the dishes!

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